Official Released on the GoogleStore on September 15th.
#HyperCasual #Trickshot

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About Us

We aim to create games that everyone can enjoy easily and comfortably. We develop hyper-casual games based on YouTube & TikTok trends. Organize team members flexibly for each project.

James, Hyun

Lead Producer/Developer

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Development Platform

Unity is so much more than the world’s best real-time development platform.

Game Server

Provide cloud services to companies and startups in various fields such as games and technology.

Cloud Manage

Provide the best AWS cloud management and deployment services in Korea.

Public Notice

Recently launched game.
트릭샷 챌린지 9월 15일 구글스토어 서비스 런칭.

  • Title (ENG) > Trickshot Challenge
  • Title (KOR) > 트릭샷 챌린지
  • Platform : HyperCasual, GooglePlay(AOS)

#Previously launched game. (Casual RPG)